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Altos del Caburgua

Spectacular is one of the few words that can be applied to Altos del Caburgua, the hunting area that Cerro Indio Safaris has been managing for over a decade.

The grounds are extraordinarily nice and they basically consist of a valley that runs between very high mountains with rocky cliffs. The ranch is completely surrounded by the nicest Chilean National Parks.

In the center of this valley runs a river called Trafampulli, geographically considered to have its source right inside the ranch.

Since Chile is in the western side of the Andes it receives all the rain that comes from the Pacific Ocean, so the weather there is very humid and the vegetation is exuberant. It looks like the rainforest, with many different species of natural centenary trees. Most of these trees are very high and at ground level grows a species from the cane family called Colihue.

In summer, the weather is very nice and in winter it snows so much that the area turns almost inaccessible.

The lodge consists of a big but cozy two storage wooden cabin with five double bedrooms and four complete bathrooms. The whole scenery is just breathtaking. The house faces the Caburgua lake.

How do I get here?

The hunting area is one and a half hour away from the city of Temuco, in the south of Chile. Hunters need to fly to Santiago de Chile, capital of the country and from there take one of the many daily commercial flights to Temuco. There, a Cerro Indio Safaris representative will be waiting and upon arrival will drive you straight to the hunting grounds in the middle of the Andes.